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How We Compare

HLCC Hawaii:
We have Two Doctors who are Hair Loss Experts, and Hair Loss Consultants. You can be seen by experienced medical staff and speak with a doctor who understands hair loss. We even do phone consults with Medical hair loss experts.

Other Clinics:
They may meet with you, but it is rare you will find trained medical staffers on hand. Many places sell 99%+ hair transplants or hair systems. Ask if they offer prescription version of 10% or 15% Minoxidil or Propecia. Many of the hair loss solution firms that you hear about on TV and radio do not offer office visits, they give you a telemarketer to sell their products. Many of these companies are fly-by-night operations who may not be here tomorrow.

Laser Experience

HLCC is a pioneer in Laser Hair Therapy. We have been using Laser, as part of our treatment programs, for over 16 years. The company President speaks around the world about lasers and hair loss and trains Doctors in the latest methodologies.

Other Clinics:
Most other Laser companies offer hair replacement (hair pieces and wigs) and look to HLCC for training on how to provide their clients with results.

The Laser

When it comes to Laser, more is better. Our lasers have 160 Diodes (ld). For almost two decades, we have proven results with our high end hair loss lasers.

Other Clinics:
Many 'Laser clinics" have old lasers with only 30 to 50 diodes. Typically, more laser diodes means faster results and better odds of the best results. 20 minutes under a 110 laser diode laser is far better than 30 minutes under a 30 or 50.

Phone Call

Medical and certified hair loss professional are on hand to answer your questions.

Other Clinics:
Telemarketers will read scripts to you and can't answer most technical or medical questions. Online clinics usually sell products with individualized consultations.

How Are You Treated

One size does not fit all! At HLCC, each client is treated individually and programs are designed based on your needs.

Other Clinics:
One size does fit all. Typically everyone is treated the same way, like they have Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), offering one set of products to cure all.

Female Hair Loss

More than half of our clients are women. We have a very good understanding of female pattern hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss in females. We have cosmetic and medical solutions for all types of hair loss.

Other Clinics:
Most are 90+ % men. Most don't understand the subtle, but medically and cosmetically significant differences in female hair loss. Most all products on the market treat all women as if they have Androgenetic alopecia.

What do they try to sell you?

We provide doctor-directed, medically-based solutions for hair loss.

After the initial consultation, our hair loss & medical experts recommend & adjust treatment programs for your unique hair loss needs. If the initial recommendation does not work as quickly you would like, we may adjust to provide more aggressive results.

Other Clinics:
Most will sell you on laser and usually sell you a year's supply of shampoo and scalp cleaners, regardless if you need it or not. What about blocking DHT with 8 DHT blockers? Is it a real multi-theraputic treatment program or just laser and a few products with little explanation or frankly usefulness. Yes, they may offer 60-day guarantees, but re-growth can take four-six months.

Make the right choice for your hair loss needs. Call HLCC Hawaii for your best options! Call 1-808-988-0800.


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